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Dropship with ONEinc! As a wholesale dropship company ONEinc dropships wholesale products anonymously through its dropship warehouses to your retail customers on your behalf. Take advantage of's vast wholesale dropship product inventory for your online retail/mail–order/home based business and risk nothing in inventory expenditures because you can sell an item at a retail price before purchasing it from ONEinc at a wholesale price! ONEinc will dropship wholesale orders of individual items at true wholesale prices directly to your customers, ANONYMOUSLY! ONEinc will remain completely anonymous to your customer throughout the dropship fulfillment process and ONEinc will customize dropship packing slips to reflect your company's name, address and logo. ONEinc will pack and dropship the products for you. You pay a wholesale price for the dropship products, one at a time, and charge your customer your retail price. The difference between ONEinc's wholesale dropship price and your retail price is your profit. You never have to touch the product, buy shipping supplies or spend money to store products that you might not a wholesale dropship company ONEinc does that for you.

ONEinc is a legitimate wholesale dropship company. Compare ONEinc as a wholesale dropship company to any other so-called dropshipper and you will realize the difference between a real wholesale dropship distributor and a middleman.

  • ONEinc is a genuine wholesale distributor that specializes as a dropship supplier to internet retailers and home based business.

  • ONEinc is factory-authorized by the products' manufacturers to dropship the wholesale products in ONEinc's dropship warehouses.

  • ONEinc never charges to access its wholesale dropship program or products.

  • ONEinc is not open to the general public. ONEinc is open only to current and prospective retailers that qualify to buy wholesale products for resale at retail prices.

  • ONEinc uses two warehouses to receive, store and dropship ONEinc's wholesale products. ONEinc's first dropship warehouse is in Tampa, Florida and ONEinc's second dropship warehouse is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • ONEinc has administrative offices in each dropship warehouse.

  • ONEinc owns and operates its dropship warehouses.

  • All products offers to dropship are physically located in one or both of ONEinc's dropship warehouses.

  • ONEinc will allow any current active wholesale dropship customer to visit any of its wholesale dropship warehouses. ONEinc requires an appointment to do so since ONEinc's dropship warehouses are not open to the general public.

  • ONEinc maintains two full time staffs, one at each dropship warehouse & office complex.

  • ONEinc maintains live customer service to support ONEinc's wholesale dropship business. ONEinc's live customer service dropship support may be reached Monday thru Friday, 9am to 6pm eastern standard time (excluding holidays) by phone at 1–800–704–9684 or through our dropship member customer service interface located in the member section of

  • ONEinc buys and owns the wholesale dropship product inventory in its dropship warehouses.

  • ONEinc inventories only quality dropship products with recognizable brand names and proven manufactures. ONEinc's wholesale dropship products are in high demand and thus ONEinc's dropship products are strong sellers.

  • ONEinc always knows what wholesale products and how many of each item are available to dropship for you at any given time. ONEinc does not cancel your dropship purchase orders because's dropship member interface is available 24/7 with up–to–date inventory statistics.

  • ONEinc dropships each and every wholesale order you place. ONEinc is your wholesale dropship source, thus ONEinc will not send your dropship purchase order to another company.

  • You will always know the location where your ONEinc dropship purchase order originates, the method & carrier by which your dropship purchase order will deliver and the tracking information to follow your dropship purchase order from ONEinc's warehouses to your retail customer.

  • ONEinc does not wholesale its products through any other company; no middlemen!

  • ONEinc is a genuine wholesale dropship company incorporated in the State of Florida, licensed to conduct wholesale trade, federally bonded to conduct product importation, listed with & monitored by the Better Business Bureau, listed with Dunn & Bradstreet and listed with multiple wholesale trade directories including World Wide Brands' Bulk Wholesale & Dropship Source Directoy.

ONEinc's Dropship Service Keys: ONEinc's wholeasle dropship program is cost efficient, will save you time & money, will increase your productivity and help maximize your profitability.
  • ONEinc provides competitive wholesale dropship pricing!

  • ONEinc remains anonymous to your retail dropship customers!

  • ONEinc accepts single item dropship wholesale orders!

  • ONEinc stocks many popular items to for you to sell & dropship from ONEinc's warehouses!

  • ONEinc offers fast, efficient shipping for domestic and international dropship orders including overnight delivery!

  • ONEinc is a real wholesale dropship company, thus you will not buy any wholesale dropship product from ONEinc until you first make a retail sale to your customer!

  • ONEinc does not charge membership/subscription/access fees to open a wholesale dropship account. ONEinc's dropship program is free!

  • ONEinc provides full support for dropship retailers and webmasters including awesome product graphics and descriptions!

  • New! ONEinc's StoreStarter™ Web Site Program provides fully functional and customizable retail websites loaded with products, e-marketing tools, state-of-the-art shopping cart, web hosting, email and the wholesale dropship products in ONEinc's warehouses all for the mere cost of web hosting!'s Wholesale Dropship Database:'s wholesale dropship database is online at ONEinc designed the wholesale dropship database specifically for retail merchants that dropship. Access to ONEinc's wholesale dropship product database is free. The first step in accessing ONEinc's wholesale dropship database is to sumbit a wholesale dropship inquiry form through (click here to submit a wholesale dropship inquiry). ONEinc will then grant you access to a wholesale dropship account application. Complete, sign and return the wholesale dropship account application to ONEinc. Upon receipt of your completed & signed wholesale dropship account application ONEinc will issue you a username and password via email. A wholesale dropship account in good standing will allow you to access's wholesale dropship database.'s Wholesale Dropship Database Includes:
  • Wholesale Dropship Prices
  • Internet-Ready Digital Product Images
  • Product Descriptions
  • Dropship Product Inventory Status
  • Dropship Purchase Order Interface
  • Dropship Order Status Interface
  • Dropship Order Tracking
  • Dropship Customer Service Interface

Start Dropshipping! To open a wholesale dropship account follow these steps:
  1. Sumbit a wholesale dropship inquiry through's wholesale dropship inquiry form found here.
  2. Upon submitting a completed wholesale dropship inquiry will grant you access to a wholesale dropship account application through a text link entitled "Click here to download the Wholesale Application".
  3. To open the wholesale dropship account application you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you click on the wholesale dropship account application link and the file does not open automatically, then you will need an Adobe Acrobat File Reader which will allow you to open, read and print .PDF files. Click here to get the .PDF file reader.
  4. Print the wholesale dropship account application and complete each section. Incomplete wholesale dropship account applications will not be considered.
  5. Sign the wholesale dropship account application as indicated.
  6. Send your completed and signed wholesale dropship account application to ONEinc at the following address.
One Net Enterprises, Inc.
Attn. Wholesale Application
P.O. Box 1729
Tampa, FL 33601

If you are unable to view the wholesale dropship account application form please call at 1-800-704-9684, M-F 10:00am to 5:00pm eastern standard time or email us here with your fax number or mailing address.

Dropship Procedures and General Dropship Order Protocol:

  • Dropship Purchase Orders
    All dropship orders begin with a wholesale dropship purchase order (PO) from your company. A purchase order is simply a form that specifies your intent to purchase products from A wholesale dropship purchase order sent to ONEinc must include the following:
    1. Date: The mm/dd/yy that you send the PO to ONEinc
    2. PO No.: A number that identifies the PO in your database (a good PO number is the invoice/order number given to your retail customer)
    3. Bill To: This is your billing address or accounts payable address where ONEinc will send your invoices, receipts and billing correspondence
    4. Ship To: This is your customer’s shipping address and phone number. The phone number is required so that the delivery company may make adjustments to incorrect addresses without having to return the shipment to us (this will save you money in terms of shipping costs)
    5. Shipping Method: Please list the manner in which your shipment should be sent, ie., overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day, Ground, etc… At times we can save you shipping costs by knowing the date by which your order must be delivered, so if the shipment is urgent tell us the required delivery date (you can list it as a special instruction or as a mm/dd after the shipping method if you prefer)
    6. Items: List the items to be shipped; list the quantity, product number and our wholesale price for the item. You may optionally list a product description after each product number
    7. Special Instructions: List any special instructions we should be aware of like gift messages, extraordinary delivery instructions, etc…
  • Submit your PO to ONEinc online through ONEinc’s purchase order interface located at Your wholesale dropship account username and password are required to login to the wholesale dropship purchase order interface. Many of the required items above are populated automatically with your successful login so use the purchase order interface to save time & money and to help avoid typographical errors.
  • Merchants using a StoreStarter™ Website need not submit a PO to when the merchant’s customer places an order online through a StoreStarter™ Web Site because ONEinc will receive such PO’s automatically.
  • You may submit your purchase order to ONEinc by an alternate submission method however ONEinc will apply a $5.00 surcharge to any purchase order not submitted through the purchase order interface or a StoreStarter™ Web Site. Alternate submission methods outside of ONEinc's order system are non-standard and require additional clerical attention thus ONEinc will apply a $5.00 surcharge as an additional processing fee. Alternate submission methods include submission by fax at 813-241-6570 or by email.
  • Please note that the expedited order (next day, 2-day & 3-day) cut-off time is 3:00 pm EST.

Tracking: Follow your dropship orders from ONEinc's warehouse to your customer. Tracking information is available for most dropship orders shortly after you submit your dropship purchase order. Shipping hours of operation are 9:00am to 6:00pm, M-F EST, excluding holidays. Once your dropship order has shipped, you can usually obtain tracking information by going to your dropship order history interface.

StoreStarter™ Web Site Program: Save time and money by using ONEinc's StoreStarter™ Web Site Program that provides 95% complete retail web sites including a fully integrated shopping cart with automatic dropship purchase order generation and submission to Every StoreStarter™ Web Site is customizable so you make it unique. StoreStarter Web Sites require no programming knoweledge; simply point and click to edit your StoreStarter™ Web Site.

ONEinc is proud to be the best dropship wholesale distributor in the USA. ONEinc is the only true wholesale dropship distributor that specializes in serving online internet retailers and home based internet business with dropship services and dropship support tailored to meet the requirements of online retailers who use wholesale dropship distribution to supply their products. ONEinc's dropship program delivers both the products and services an online retailer needs to succeed. If you would like to dropship with ONEinc please send us a wholesale inquiry by completing ONEinc's wholesale dropship inquiry form. Click here to send a wholesale dropship inquiry.

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